Setting library history retention period

A library's history retention period length controls how long you can access your history data in the following features:

  • Restore deleted files: you cannot restore files and folders deleted before the retention period.
  • File versions: you cannot access file versions older than the retention period.
  • Library history and snapshots: you cannot access library snapshots older than the retention period.

The retention period of old files versions can be configured for each library, separately. You must be the library's owner to set the retention period. To set retention period length:

  • In Seafile Web App, click the "Mine" tab in the navigation panel (as in the below screenshot). All libraries owned by you will be listed.
  • Move the cursor onto the row of the library. An operation menu will appear. Click "History Setting" in the drop-down menu.
  • In the pop-up dialog, you can set the length of file retention period.